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Welcome aboard to our Next-Gen Advertising Marketplace!

Onboarding Instructions

for Publishers

Getting started with LIQWID is as easy as

Register Here

  • No Ads.txt required*.
  • No work on your end is needed.
  • No changes in your existing inventory are required.

* Ads.txt is not required for LIQWID Marketplace, but if you would like to use Programmatic fill via LIQWID Primebid as the default revenue stream when you do not have direct campaigns running, then you need to add the LIQWID ads.txt record block available in the dashboard for your account.

Include the LIQWID Tag:

  • Once registered, you will be redirected to the Get Tag screen to receive your unique account tag.
  • LIQWID is based on a universal all-in-one tag placed in the code of your webpages, anywhere before the BODY closing tag. This single LIQWID tag enables all domains** registered in your account, managing all ad delivery and reporting for various placements and ad formats.
  • The LIQWID tag does not take any action by default until we set up placements and receive your approval. It is safe to include it in live websites, ensuring a smooth and secure integration.

** Domain Note: LIQWID tag grants access to all domains registered under your account, streamlining the process for comprehensive ad delivery and reporting across your entire portfolio.

Approve Placements and Set Pricing:

  • Inform us when the LIQWID tag is within your pages. Our design team will promptly set up a variety of initial placement options for your consideration. We can generate the previews within 24-48 hours after you notify us that the LIQWID tag is in place.
  • Hidden preview links will be sent to you for approval.
  • Once you approve the placements, the LIQWID engine will be activated, initiating the generation of precise viewable-only inventory forecasts and analytics available for you in almost real time.
  • Feel free to use this real-time inventory viewability analytics for your Media Kit and pricing strategy — it is completely free.
  • Congratulations, you're up and running, ready to capture new revenue opportunities!

If you have any questions or need further assistance during the onboarding process, feel free reach out.

Welcome to the LIQWID community!